Policies, Mission, and Values Statement

Rochester NH Scanner Alerts Media Group Policies

Mission and Values Statement:

Rochester, NH Scanner Alerts Media Group operates with its affiliated pages such as Strafford County Scanner Alerts, Carroll County Scanner Alerts, Merrimack County Scanner Alerts, Lakes Region Emergency Alerts, Southern York County Scanner Alerts, Rochester, NH Scanner Alerts, RNHSAMG Scanner Alerts, Rockingham County Scanner Alerts, Belknap County Scanner Alerts, Grafton County Scanner Alerts, Rochester, NH Emergency Alerts, Somersworth, NH Emergency Alerts, and Dover, NH Emergency Alerts. Our group is dedicated to fostering a safer, informed, and unified community. We aim to deliver timely and accurate public safety information, emergency updates, and community news across these regions, empowering individuals to make informed decisions.

Rochester, NH Scanner Alerts Media Group is a volunteer-run family of pages that report on local, regional, and national emergencies, including traffic situations and weather emergencies. It is managed by volunteers with emergency services backgrounds, dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and accurate information. This page is independently operated and not affiliated with any Federal, State, County, Municipality or Political Subdivision, we are a fully private entity.

Extended Mission:

Primary Focus: Provide professional and timely reporting of emergency incidents within and beyond our coverage area.

Community Engagement: Highlight the daily work of local first responders and engage with local businesses through our sponsorship program.

Appreciation Programs: Display community support and encouragement for local first responders.

Public Education: Offer information and education on safety topics and emergency response to enhance public understanding and safety.

Our Values:

Community Safety: Our foremost priority is the safety and well-being of our community members. We provide essential information that enhances public safety.

Transparency: We are committed to open and honest communication, ensuring the information we share is accurate and reliable.

Respect: We promote an environment where diverse perspectives are respected and constructive discussions are encouraged.

Responsibility: We uphold the significant responsibility of sharing accurate and dependable content.

Submitted Media Policy:

All media submitted to us through any channel becomes the property of Rochester, NH Scanner Alerts Media Group. We may use or distribute these submissions as appropriate. Submitters wishing to receive credit must provide their contact information alongside their media, although we reserve the right to reject or delay any media submission.

Post Deletion Policy:

We do not remove posts merely upon request; a valid reason must be provided to our moderation team for consideration.

Banning Policy and Reinstatement:

We reserve the right to ban individuals from our pages for any reason. Those banned may appeal for reinstatement, which we will consider based on the nature of the ban and their commitment to our guidelines.

Commenting Policy:

While we support free expression, we will take necessary actions against comments that are harmful, deeply offensive, or problematic.

Statement to Public Safety Agencies and Public Officials:

We offer our platform to public safety agencies and officials for disseminating crucial information swiftly. Our network includes multiple alert pages, enhancing our outreach capabilities.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Notice:

All posts, photos, graphics, and images published by Rochester, NH Scanner Alerts Media Group are protected under copyright law. Unauthorized use of any material without express permission constitutes a violation of our intellectual property rights.


Thank you for being a vital part of our efforts. Together, we aim to positively impact the safety and well-being of our community.